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Miss Ella Belle. Vancouver. 17. Aspiring crystal healer. Crystal lover. Artist. Musician. La di da.

I work with crystals a lot, but I'm still learning. I'm happy to help anyone who's got questions, and I'll answer to the best of my ability.

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Friend: “It’s okay, all you gotta do is keep your cool.”


I’m really excited for next Friday c:
Enjoying my rather large latte at East Cafe c:
Since the break up, I’ve been really jittery/nervous/excited feeling for no reason whatsoever and I haven’t been able to stay still. I jump at sudden noises and my heart rate skyrocketed. I’ve had almost zero appetite for anything and it know my body is hungry and needs sustainance, but if get tired of even my favorite foods and can eat over half of whatever. The only exception to this that I’ve found is that I’m able to eat fruit without having to FORCE myself. On an average day I feel like I could eat my weight in food no problem. And I want to eat and I know I need food, but I’m physically unable to. 

I can’t sit still and I have to stay in constant motion for my heart rate to regulate and I like going on walks/shopping. I feel like time is going by very slow and it’s difficult for me to find something to do before having to return to work. 

I don’t understand what’s going on with me. I just know I’m mentally unbalanced somehow. I’m not sad though. None of these are from sadness. I’m just concerned because of these odd habits, but I don’t know what triggered it.


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So today I’ve gotten out of a relationship I’ve been in for just over a year. Things didn’t end on bad terms and we both agreed that it’s kinda been dragging on and hasn’t been working out that well for a little while now and it was just a matter of breaking it to each other. This will be weird for a little bit because for the last year, I’ve spent a majority of my time with him, but this is for the better. I’m feeling much less constricted and it feels good to get things off my chest. It’s nice to feel some happiness again c: It’s nice to stop pretending for the other’s sake. I still need this to sink in and for my heart to heal. I’ll be good.

I’m feeling pretty sorry for the coworkers I ran into at work earlier when I was craving icecream though. That was a little bit of an episode. Oops.


Amethyst point. The color on this crystal is beyond gorgeous. I’ll be wrapping this one for the new shop update! 

I’m feeling very free!

Question of the day.
Loving how gemmy my kyanite is! Wrapped it up so I could wear it on me all the time c:
Finished my first day of working at PNE again this year and chilling at Uprising Bakery/Cafe til I start my shift at No Frills. Working every day this week and prob next week x.x Super tired and it’s just starting.

can someone tell me what kind of crystal this is? it would be much appreciated

It looks a lot like Cavansite c:
Why are you putting those chemicals into your body?? You should be practicing what you post on your blog- natural remedies and energy work will do so much more for you than chemicals



everything that has matter is made of chemicals, including you and me. 

natural remedies and energy work/spells are not substitutions for medical treatment. these things may help in combination with medical treatment, but I cannot and should not rely solely on them. so I take medication for anxiety, major depression and PTSD. I also have to be careful with what natural remedies I do use, as just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s safe. herbs have side effects, they may interact with medications and/or make things like depression and anxiety worse.

kindly go do some ~energy work~ for common sense.

Oli got me this beautiful cathedral quartz point while we were in Victoria and I am forever grateful!